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(Teaching Self Sufficiency through Education)


TSE History

Teaching Self Sufficiency through Education (TSE) was established in 2009 as a community base agency by Tiffany Joy. TSE main mission was to support teenagers transitioning out of care but what Tiffany Joy came to realize was that families everywhere were in need of services and resources, TSE closed in 2010 only to reopen in 2011 as a 501(c)3 organization. Our mission changed to supporting families no matter the family dynamic. We don't have a commitment base program, families are able to come to us and receive services whenever they need them. Our main focus is providing educational support to children K-6th grade however we support all families and no one is turned away.


Teaching Self-Sufficiency through Education (TSE) mission is to provide services and resources that empower and encourage low income families to build stronger and healthier relationships that will better the lives of their families.


TSE goal is to provide effective educational and supportive services/resources to capitalize on the strengths of the families and build personal self-appreciation, relationships, and motivate them find value in their communities and neighbors.

Our services will include but are not limited to intake, screening and parenting/educational group. Referrals for abuse treatment, housing, counseling and mental health services will also be available.

Contact Information

Address: Po Box 2123

Oakland, CA 94621

Phone: (510) 629-0204